Your Appointment

Please be on time or a few minutes early for your treatment. Wear or bring loose-fitting & comfortable clothing: stretch pants, exercise pants or shorts, pajama pants, t-shirts, tank tops, underpants, bra, etc.

note-takingBring any X-rays, MRI scans, ultrasound & medical reports that you feel are important.

We’ll begin by taking a detailed health history. This will include information about your general health, lifestyle, occupation, activities and diet. I’ll also ask specific questions about the symptoms of your present discomfort and questions about past injuries, accidents and surgeries.

Some questions may seem irrelevant to your current condition, but please understand… we are putting together a huge puzzle and all the information that you are able to provide will help piece together what is happening to you and why.

pract-elder-handI’ll also have you complete a series of simple movements as I perform a full examination and postural assessment. Any other relevant testing such as blood pressure, cranial nerve and neurological assessment, or muscle testing might also be required.

Osteopathic practitioners have extensive clinical training in order to recognize conditions which may be related to another problem. For example, right shoulder pain may actually be a result of a liver restriction or dysfunction. Additionally, if I feel my assessment is moving out of my scope of practice I may refer you back to your doctor or another health practitioner for further inquiry.

After the exam, I’ll offer a preliminary diagnosis and discuss appropriate treatment options, and then a management plan will be mutually agreed upon.

In order to speed up recovery and healing, you may be given exercises and healthcare advice to further improve your condition and quality of life.

Please feel free at all times to ask me if you need clarification at any point.